Adam Sandler’s Murder Mystery: A Netflix Sequel on Its Way

The Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston starrer Murder Mystery is coming to Netflix with a sequel. The film is going to be a Netflix exclusive and will feature most of the original cast. James Vanderbilt wrote the 2019 released comedy suspense movie. Kyle Newacheck produced the film, and it was well-received by the audience.

The story followed Nick played by Sandler, and Audrey played by Anniston, as the married couple tries to rekindle their marriage. The married duo is in a stale relationship where predictability and boring conversations have replaced passion and romance. They make valiant efforts to keep the dying relationship alive while Nick distracts his wife from finding out about his detective status. The duo takes a needed European honeymoon on their 15th anniversary.

The couple encounters Charles Cavendish played by Luke Evans, who then invites them to an event set on a yacht. The event is filled with interesting characters, and the dup end up joining a group for the will signing of Malcolm Quince, who is Cavendish’s billionaire uncle. Terrence Stamp plays the role of Malcolm, and the character ends up dead. Now Nick being a detective, is left to solve the crime alongside Audrey.

The movie surpassed the expectations and went to one-up the ratings of Will Smith’s Bright along with Sandra Bullock’s Bird Box. It managed to rack up over an impressive number of 30 million views in three days. So it is understandable that a sequel for the movie is in early development. James Vanderbilt is again being considered to write the plot for the movie, where the couple will try to solve a new case.

The first installment was a summer gift for Netflix as they manage to reunite the duo of Sandler and Aniston. We may see the sequel at the same time in 2020 if it is fast-tracked. Sandler will entertain his relationship with Netflix a bit more as he reprises his voice, acting for the role of Dracula in Hotel Transylvania 4. Jennifer is showing no signs of stopping either as the Friends lead is going to star in Apple TV plus series; The Morning Show.

Even though the first movie ended up with an apparently final note, the impressive ratings have paved the path for a sequel for Netflix. The film may also turn into a crime-solving franchise starring the duo of Aniston and Sandler. The movie was just above 95 minutes, which made it a refreshing watch, and the sequel is expected to deliver the same. Although the plot cannot precisely be deemed as original, it still managed to get some chuckles out of the viewers. The film seems to have solved the case of delivering huge success on Netflix.

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