Fortnite: Tilted Towers May Be Eliminated In Coming Update

Epic Games is coming up with new and innovative challenges and events for its widely acclaimed online shooter battle royale title Fortnite and players have been exploring new possibilities to the game with every new week.

As the week 9 for season 8 is about to end, new theories and speculations have already started to hint towards some initial changes in the game. Various community members are suggesting that the upcoming week 10 in Fortnite would eliminate the Tilted Towers in a devastating event.

Previously Fortnite players experienced a significant decrease in the texture stat for the Tilted Towers and Retail Row. As per the feedback by various gamers of different platforms like PlayStation, Xbox PC and Laptop have all claimed that the texture at Tilted Tower and Retail Row have drastically decreased which is indirectly pointing at possibilities of some changes in the surrounding region.

As per Epic Games, they have addressed the issue and have released a patch which would resolve this issue. But to a surprise, many gamers are still witnessing the same decreased texture at Tilted Towers and are suggesting some possible changes could come in the region.

The said issue is mainly witnessed while playing the new Fortnite X Avengers LTM and Playgrounds mode. Fans and community members are speculating that the upcoming new update would be bringing along some exciting new changes associated with the Tilted Tower region.

Players have been coming up with their random theories, and one of them can actually be true. A recent Reddit post has hinted that a volcano eruption can destroy the entirety of Tilted Towers and Retail Row.

As a new Volcano mountain has been introduced to Fortnite with season 8, it is highly possible that a devastating eruption occurs in the Volcano mountain after the intense battle between Avengers and Thanos in the Fortnite map during the Fortnite X Avengers LTM event.

After the Fortnite X Avengers event, it is possible that an eruption occurs in the Volcano mountain due to the high shock waves created during the battle. And the intensely hot lava and burning rocks can completely destroy the Tilted Towers from the map.

Tilted Tower and Retail Row have been the part of the title for quite some time, and plausibly this is the right time to for a new avatar for the in-game map. Fortnite has posted a Tweet stating that they have been receiving feedback related to loading issues in the game and their team of developers is undergoing the quick fix patch for the same. The issue is predominantly associated with the loading issue faced at the Retail Row and Tilted Towers while playing the Endgame or Playgrounds mode on all platforms.

Let’s see if this loading issue is actually due to a bug in the title or something exclusive is under pipelines for Fortnite fans to enjoy. Moreover, it is also hinted that some new cosmetic items would also be included in the latest update.  

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