How to Create a Gantt Chart in Google Sheets

Google Sheets offers the capability for creating complete Gantt charts inside the spreadsheet. In case you don’t know how to do it, then you can follow the instructions mentioned below.

How to Create a Project Management Schedule?

Here are the steps are given below for creating a Project Management Schedule:

•    Open the Google Sheets.

•    After that, go to the blank spreadsheet template.

•    Select the appropriate folder next to the upper side of the blank spreadsheet.

•    After that, enter the given heading names in the same column, every title will be in their own row which appears in the snapshot mentioned above:

  1. End Date
  2. Start Date
  3. Task Name

•    Type every task of the Google Sheets project with their same dates in the suitable rows.

How to Make a Calculation Table in Excel?

Here are the steps are given below for making a calculation table in Microsoft Excel:

•    Go down many columns from the first table which you had made in the steps mentioned above.

•    Enter the given heading titles in the same columns, and every title is located in their own rows, just like:

  • Task Name.
  • Start Day.
  • Total Duration.

•    You have to copy the “tasks” list by going to the “Task Name” row, make sure that the rows should be in the same form.

•    Enter the given formula in the “Start Day” row for using it in the initial task, start substituting the A alphabet with the row alphabet which includes “Start Date” in the initial table and 2 number with the column number which is =int(A2)- int ($ A$2).

•    Click on the “Enter” button after completing the steps mentioned above. A cell will start showing the 0 number.

•    You have to choose and start copying a cell where you had typed the given formula. You can use the keyboard shortcut or tap on the “Edit” or “Copy” button by going to the “Google Sheets” drop-down menu.

•    Choose the entire pending cells located in the “Start Day” row and after copying it, paste a cell through tapping on the “Edit” button. Then, press on the “Paste” button.

•    The other is the “Total Duration” row, which should be populated with the other Start day formula that is difficult than the preceding one.

•    Enter the given heading title in the

Total Duration” row for the initial task which is substituting cell folder with the same initial table in the Google Sheet which is the same steps as mentioned above.

•    Press on the “Enter” button after completing the steps mentioned above.

•    Now, you have to choose and start copying a cell where you had typed this Start Day formula.

•    After copying the formula in the pasteboard, choose and start pasting the entire pending cells into the “Total Duration” row.

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