How to Fix the Netflix app on iPhone X

Netflix is an app that is similar to other streaming services like HBO Go, Play On, and so on. It contains a wide variety of movies, plays, online real-time shows, and much more. The app can be downloaded on your smartphone. In case you are facing any Nextflix app issue, a prompt will appear on your iPhone X indicating the type of error faced by this app. In some cases, you may not get any error message.

Troubleshooting Netflix app by restarting method

First of all, be sure that your device is connected to the internet properly because the network issues may cause most of the problems.

In order to run Netflix, we have to eradicate some of the app glitches. Follow these steps to perform a restart:

  1. First of all, swipe the screen upwards in order to find “App Switcher” option.
  2. Under the list of the apps, search Netflix by sliding the screen towards the left or right side.
  3. If found, tap on the Netflix application. Now hit on the (-) minus symbol to close it. You may also shut the app by swiping upwards and then tap on the close button.
  4. If other operations are undergoing in the background of the main page/window, shut them all in order to get the smooth process of your Netflix app.

Fixing the Netflix app issue by the soft-reset method 

If the restart Netflix method is not successful, it is advisable to try the soft-reset method. It doesn’t harm your iPhone X data. To remove all the glitches and minor issues associated with your software, soft reset your phone. Here are the steps to follow in order to perform a soft-reset on your smartphone:

  1. Hold down the power and the volume buttons of your phone simultaneously.
  2. A power prompt will appear consisting of icons related to reboot, restart, or power off. When you see the prompt, release both the buttons.
  3. Now drag the power icon towards the right side of your screen to turn off your phone.
  4. After a few moments, hold down the power tab till the Apple symbol displays on your screen.
  5. Once you see that your iPhone X is successfully booted, tap on the Netflix app to open and analyze if it is working properly or not.

Fixing the Netflix app issues by Updating method

When the restart and the soft reset don’t help you in troubleshooting the issues related to the app, you may update it If you have not set on auto-update applications, don’t worry. You may update it manually. To update the Netflix application, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the App Store from the app drawer or the Home window.
  2. Hit on the “Updates” button present at the lowermost right portion of the App store page.
  3. In case any of the upcoming updates are available on Netflix, the Update tab will show you the same. Tap on it.
  4. If you desire to update all the apps available to update, hit the “Update All” button to download the newer version of all the apps installed on your phone.

Fixing the Netflix app issues by resetting network method

The network plays a significant role in the functioning of various applications like Netflix, HBO Go, social media-related apps. Hence, resetting the network may fix the Netflix issue.

  1. Open the Settings app from the drawer or home screen of your smartphone.
  2. Then hit on “General.”
  3. Search for the “Reset” option and then press on it.
  4. Now tap on the “Reset All Settings” option. It will reset your phone in the original default order.
  5. In order to reset network-related settings, touch on the “Reset all network settings” tab.
  6. If your smartphone prompts you to enter ID and password, provide it.
  7. Then reset the settings by confirming it.

Fixing Netflix app issues by deleting and reinstalling the app

Follow these steps to perform this action:

  1. Press on any app installed on your device for a while.
  2. Once you discover (X) sign at the edge of the Netflix app, hit on it.
  3. Remove it by tapping on the Delete button.
  4. Then go to App Store application and download the updated Netflix app by searching on it.
  5. Follow the onscreen indications to finish the installation procedure.

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