How to Reset a Keyboard on Windows and Mac

There are different ways to reset a keyboard. In case you turn on the language or touch typing, then you have to use the Control Panel option. The process of resetting a keyboard is very easy and can be done without any particular tools. Learn how to reset a keyboard on Windows PC and Mac.

Steps for Resetting a Keyboard on Windows PC

•    Go to the Start menu.

•    Enter the device manager on the search box.

•    Press on the Device Manager after finding it.

•    Go down and enlarge the Keyboard.

•    Choose the keyboard on which you wish to go through the reset procedure.

•    Tap on the Uninstall symbol.

•    Press Yes button.

•    Tap on the “Search for updates” option.

•    Choose the keyboard once again.

•    Press on the “Update drivers” option.

•    Tap on the Search automatically for updated driver software button.

•    Give permission to the system drivers to start the installation procedure.

•    Start the system again.

Steps for Resetting a Keyboard on Mac

•    Go to the Apple menu.

•    Press on the System Preferences button.

•    Tap on the Keyboard option.

•    Press on the Modifier keys option.

•    Tap on the Restore Defaults button.

•    Press on the OK button.

•    Tap on the Text option.

•    Choose the Windows keyboard shortcuts which you wish to delete.

•    Press on the Dash symbol.

•    Tap on the Shortcuts option.

•    Press on the Restore Defaults button.

•    You have to start the Mac again.

Steps to Reset Language Settings on Windows PC

•    Launch the Start menu.

•    Go to the Settings option.

•    Press on the Time and Language option.

•    Tap on the Region and Language button.

•    Choose any language.

•    Delete the selected language.

•    Adjust the language you have set as default.

Steps to Reset Language Settings on Mac

•    Launch the Apple menu.

•    Tap on the System Preferences button.

•    Press on the Language and Region option.

•    Choose any language so that you can delete it.

•    Tap on the dash symbol.

Steps to Reset a Wireless Apple Keyboard

•    Enable the system keyboard.

•    Go to the Apple menu given on the Mac.

•    Tap on System Preferences.

•    Press on the Bluetooth option.

•    Keep pressing on the power button of the system keyboard.

•    Choose any keyboard.

•    Free the power button when it asks you to enter the code.

•    Now, you have to type the code of the keyboard.

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