Tips for Customizing YouTube Channel

Nowadays, being a YouTuber is the dream of many, but turning this dream into reality is not as easy as it may seem. If you want to be a successful YouTuber and want to garner a good number of subscribers and reach millions of views, you should try to know about the impression your channel is leaving on its viewers. If your channel does not seem attractive to viewers and fails to grab viewers’ attention, your success in the world of YouTube is unlikely. If you want to grow in the arena, keep it in mind that YouTube is the platform where attraction matters a lot. Once you know the art of attracting viewers, your way to success is clear. In order to create a good impression on viewers, you can customize your channel and make it more appealing. Here are some useful tips that you can put to your use.

About Me Page

This is a section where a YouTuber writes about himself/herself. The better you describe yourself, the better your viewers will be able to know about you. You need to pay attention to not just telling about yourself, but ranking higher also. You can add some keywords in the “About Me” section. Doing so will boost your ranking on YouTube. Always add some words related to your channel name in the section. This helps a channel appear in the search results faster. If the “About Me” section is not as good as it should be, you should make changes to it and make it impressive. Miss no chance to impress your viewers.

Channel Icon

Channel icon displays a photo of the person who manages the YouTube channel. If you are just a creator and make videos on a particular topic, you can set your own photo on the channel icon. The photo should be in good quality so that it can be visible to viewers. If your YouTube channel is a record label or represents a brand, you must set a logo on the channel icon. You should change the profile picture almost every week because looking at the same picture may seem boring to some viewers. Channel icon displays who you are. It plays a vital role in customization.

Channel Name

Channel name has its own importance. Only a few can understand it well. Always choose a short name that is both easy to spell and easy to pronounce. Channel name describes your content, so it should be according to the content of your channel. Naming a YouTube channel may seem quite a difficult task to some, but it is not so. In most cases, it is seen that If your channel name describes the content of your channel, your channel has more chances of appearing in the search results. Keep it in mind that a good channel name can rank you higher.

Channel Art

Channel art can be seen if someone visits your channel homepage. In order to design eye-catching channel art, you can use Adobe Photoshop, GIMP and any other software tools. Keep your channel art in good quality and add your channel logo or your photo. Keep it as stylish as possible. Use attractive colors to make channel art appealing to viewers.  The better the channel art is, the more impressive your channel looks.


If you have a plan to grow your YouTube channel and are new to YouTube, the tips mentioned above will help you customize your YouTube channel so that you can gather more subscribers and reach millions of views in the least possible time. The more creative you are, the more chances of your success will be on YouTube.

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