Top 4 Things You Must Do With Your New PC

Getting a new PC makes life easier than earlier. PC has plenty of its uses, and since you must already be aware of them, let’s quickly head over to the steps you must take after buying a new PC.  We will make this blog brief and precise.

If you have just purchased a new system, then go through this blog carefully.

  1. Update to advance malware protection

I am pretty sure that you will never want your new PC to get viruses into it. None of us wants viruses to enter our computer and harm it. Thankfully, all PC consist of one inbuilt antivirus program.

For instance, if you buy a system of Windows 10, then you’ll observe that it already has antivirus program working on it. So generally, all systems can be used immediately after purchasing.

A step that should be followed-

  • The thing that should be worth noting is that you need to update the antivirus program from time to time.

The method of doing it-

  • Firstly, go to the Settings
  • Then, update the ‘Definitions’
  • Note that there you’ll get to know about the technique that will let your antivirus program to recognise and take out the viruses completely.
  • Install Accessible Windows Updates

Most people assume that their new PC is completely updated but can have an equal probability of not having it. MS offers updates to Windows minimum one time in a month. Note that Windows Update shall install driver updates for the users which are required for the system to work efficiently. Although, MS offers only basic drivers for that too only for some hardware.

  • Sign in for back up service over the net

The backup facility over net gets very useful. It is considered useful because it saves your important data and checks it even when far from your PC or the native place. It can help you from avoiding a long term problem.

  • There are many backup services over the net. You can check out and select whichever you feel appropriate for you.
  • Some of the backup service over the net are IDrive, Blackblaze and Acronis etc. 
  • Remove unnecessary programs

New computers come to you with several software. Because of this your storage may get full soon.

  • So to stay on the safe side, go to the Control Panel and remove the unnecessary programs.
  • Get A File Recovery Program

You can think that this program may be unnecessary as you have got your new PC and you don’t have any of the files saved on it till yet. But personally, recommend having a file recovery program because in future it can protect you from losing any of your important data. After all, prevention is better than cure.

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